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How we work

Underpinning our approach is the concept of collaborative delivery.  We bring skills and experience to your programme of change but we don’t operate as expert consultants.  Rather than working as isolated teams of consultants coming up with the right answer, we believe that the best results are delivered by weaving together our knowledge with your own deep understanding of the organisation.  In this way we are probably more accurately described as advisors or counsellors.

Multiple routes to successful strategy

Depending on your needs we can engage with your organisation in a number of flexible ways.  We offer;

  • Commissioned Research – Research specified to your requirements.  This may, for example, focus on your market, on current leading practice within your industry or on Customer Management trends and opportunities.  Our network of contacts in the research and academic fields mean that we can bring a unique, tailored, up-to-the-minute perspective.
  • Catalyst Sessions – Short engagements which help to focus and speed-up change.  These might take the form of group workshops, individual one-to-one discussions or creative sessions.  Designing project delivery structures is a critical time in the process of change and we can work with you during this phase for a short but intensive period to help shape the project for success.
  • Key Role Support – Leading change projects can be stressful and pressured and often there is no time for support by peers or managers.  We often work with key managers and leaders of changes to support them in their role, providing ongoing advice and direction through collaborative development sessions, peer reviews and coaching.
  • Retained Support – This is about providing support to management and project teams throughout the process of change.  The team feels sustained knowing that there is somebody there to help them in times of uncertainty. This type of support typically includes helping to design and manage workshops, offering remote telephone support and providing access to on-line resources.
  • Facilitation – Having professionally trained, neutral facilitators to call on can be vital when working through critical areas of change.  Facilitation can help the whole team to separate emotion and business politics from opportunities and outcomes, bringing clarity, vitality and shared vision to the change.
  • Training – Bringing together the best thinking in Market Contexts and Customer Management we offer a range of core and tailored courses to support individuals and teams moving into challenging project or operating roles.  We also offer function-specific training in Customer Service and Contact Centre capabilities.

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