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A wide variety of goals and methods

Depending on your needs we can engage with your organisation in a number of flexible ways.  Here are some examples of client assignments;

  • Customer Experience Mapping - Working with customer segments and targeted propositions to map the end-to-end experience across all touch points and communication channels.
  • Customer Process Network Design - The design and implementation of cross-organisation processes to deliver the proposed customer experience
  • Market Research - Review of the Energy Market considering the macro-context, stakeholder dynamics and key challenges. This concluded with the development of potential strategic responses.
  • Customer Strategy - Designing the Customer Strategy to set direction for a 5 year transformation programme within the public sector.
  • Leading Business Skills Programme - Developing a unique programme of advanced business disciplines covering three areas;
    • Orientation (understanding how to assess and interpret the market and its dynamics)
    • Direction (developing strategic responses and evaluating options)
    • Delivery (project and programme management, change management and journey management)
  • Call Centre Review - Working with FMCG Call Centre team to assess process, technology and organisation effectiveness.  Specific focus on the understanding of how Emotional Intelligence is practically used to build customer engagement.
  • Retail Perspectives - Development of the Retail Excellence Point of View tool to assess retail opportunities and effectiveness.  This has been used with multi-outlet clients to develop focus and deliver consistency in the retail experience.
  • Common Operational Design - Development of consistent cross-directorate customer capabilities within a City Council.  This involved agreeing the customer proposition and ethos, protocols and ways of working.  The process involved intensive engagement with council stakeholders to develop a common view and consensus for the Customer Strategy and the design implications.
  • European Sales Office Strategy and Design - Review of European sales office performance for global manufacturing client leading to strategic options, strategy development and implementation.  Implementation involved customer segmentation, tailored offers and tailored sales support.  A new, multi-lingual contact centre was developed as part of the overall sales organisation.
  • Customer Propositions - Working with marketing, sales and service teams to develop segment-specific customer offers / propositions.   The development of tiered services included designing ‘service wraps’ differing by service elements such as response times, hours of opening and method of contact.
  • Call Centre Strategy - Operational review of 5 major networked call centres for telecommunications client.  Systemic issues presented critical and dynamic operating problems.  Approach covered using systems thinking as a tool for problem solving in this complex operating environment.  The innovative solutions developed by the project and call centre team provided options for addressing root causes and acting on areas affecting the system dynamics.
  • Global Operating Model - Working with a multi-national travel and tourism client to assess global reservations capabilities and propose creative ‘follow-the-sun’ operating model.
  • Customer Business Case - Development of business case for major CRM transformation programme.  Design of tool to allow manipulation of key sensitivities to allow ongoing monitoring of the case and to manage benefits realisation.
  • Organisation Design - Developing the organisation design for a business launching telecommunications offering into the UK.  This involved specifying reporting structures, spans of control, layers of management and job descriptions.
  • Employee Workshop - Working with the local city team of a global organisation to explore employee morale, needs and aspirations.  The interactive session involved group working to develop consensus on what elements of daily working life are important to morale and what is possible and practical to change.

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Some of the organisations we have worked with

We have experience of working with a diverse set of organisations covering public and private sectors as well as global corporations and entrepreneurial start ups

  • BP
  • BT
  • O2
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Manchester City Council
  • Forte Hotel Group
  • Centrica
  • Microsoft
  • Kellogg’s
  • Guinness
  • Department for Trade and Industry
  • Co-operative
  • CPM
  • Camelot
  • Artworks
  • HSBC
  • Clarity Blue
  • Yorkshire Forward
  • Forward Ladies
  • Hovercraft Rental